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Our SEO agency has a remarkable track record of successful SEO campaigns in highly competitive industries. We use a unique combination of creative and technical expertise.
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An Award-Winning SEO Company can help you increase your revenue.

Our team at WP Web Coder is dedicated to delivering the highest quality Internet Marketing strategies to drive your company toward revenue-generating initiatives.
WP Web Coders has been and continues breaking innovation barriers as the Premier Search Engine Optimization Company.

User experience can be improved.

SEO means creating a site that people find useful and relevant to what they're searching for. It's more than just keywords and can improve your site for users and search engines.

Use your work as a marketing tool.

SEO services can be great for more users than expensive ads or paid marketing tools.

Increase organic traffic to your site

The right SEO strategy and keywords can help you get more organic traffic than your competitors.

WordPress Local SEO Services

Do not let your competition win. Take over your WordPress SEO efforts. Our expert WordPress services cover all aspects of search engine optimization.

Local Search Strategy

Content optimization specific to a particular geographic location can help you connect with your local audience. Optimizing existing content for local markets and creating new content

Implementing Local Schema

Structured data markup can give you a competitive edge. Our digital marketing team is an expert in the local search schema markup.

Image Optimization

Do you have a slow page load speed? Are you experiencing a decrease in website performance? Our team will optimize site images without sacrificing image quality.

Optimize Content

Digital marketing strategies that impact local search results can increase your organic searches. Your website ranking depends on your ability to align and prioritize your content.

Keyword Research & Targeting

Keywords link website content to user searches. You can reach the right customers with effective keyword research and targeted SEO.

Listing of Local Businesses

Local users can find your business by searching for similar services to yours. We are an SEO company that can help you create a structured local listing.

How can our SEO agency help?

WP Web Coders offers comprehensive services to help you grow your business’s digital presence. We also offer services tailored to your individual needs, such as comprehensive SEO management or consulting.

SEO Consulting

We at WP Web Coder will help you to define your goals and develop a realistic strategy together. We can either be part of your entire SEO team or provide support and guidance to in-house marketing teams. We can assist you to pick the right approach.

Keyword & Market Research

We can provide accurate projections and forecasts for your market based on solid keyword and market research. We won't make unrealistic estimates or promise to keep them.

Technical SEO Audit

We are a reputed SEO company, and we are known for our technical abilities. Audits are performed to analyze your website so that search engines can effectively find, crawl and index it for maximum visibility.

Link Building

Link Building is an obsolete term for online marketing. Although links are often overlooked or not given the time and expertise it deserves, they still play a fundamental role in scoring. Link building today includes content marketing, PR and outreach to get people talking.

Get to know our SEO Process.

SEO services are always changing, and it takes a lot of work to keep up with them. Here’s ours:
WP Web Coders offers the SEO solutions that you have been looking for. Do not let another day pass when your competitors look down on you! It is time to be noticed!

Regular Performance Monitoring

Our SEO services include using industry-standard tools such as Google Analytics, Webmaster SEMRush, and Ahref. These tools allow us to monitor the performance of your websites and keep them in good health so that they can continue receiving organic traffic.

Conducting thorough SEO Audits

An SEO company must conduct thorough audits of websites to determine the areas for improvement and create a work plan. WP Web Coders performs an extensive SEO Audit that includes a 200+ pointer checklist, technical SEO audit pointers, and a detailed audit to determine the areas where you can improve your websites.

Making long-term plans

After establishing your goals, developing strategies for your business is time. It involves creating a plan to help you achieve your objectives and, ultimately, your goal for a smoother journey.

Amazon SEO

You can differentiate your brand on Amazon and reach millions of potential customers who are eager to convert. We optimize Amazon product listings, maximize advertising placements, and implement goal-oriented Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) SEO to promote your products to your customers.

We've been working with WP Web Coders for about six months, and we can't say enough good things about them. Their SEO services have helped us boost our traffic by 30% in that time frame, and their other offerings (like content creation) are just as impressive. If you're peeking for an agency that delivers real results, look no further than WP Web Coders!

I hired WP Web Coders to do some Search Engine Optimization work for my company's website, and they did not disappoint! Their team is super knowledgeable and easy to work with—they know exactly what they're doing regarding SEO. Plus, their rates are fair, and they have a quick turnaround time; I would highly recommend WP Web Coder if you're looking for an SEO agency!

We've been working with WP Web Coders for over a year on various projects, including link building, content creation, and other forms of digital marketing like email marketing. We've seen huge increases in ROI thanks to their efforts and would highly recommend them if you're looking for an agency that will deliver real results!


SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the procedure of optimizing your website to rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! for certain keywords or phrases that your audience might use when looking for products or services like yours.

That depends on many factors, including how competitive your market is and how difficult it will be to rank against your competitors. But normally saying, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200-$500 per month, relying on the size of your company and how extensive your needs are (for example, whether you need help with PPC or SEO). Do you offer any discounts?

We offer discounted rates based on volume, but we don’t have any set rates just yet because every business is different! We’d love to chitchat with you to see how we can help grow your business.

Two main parts to Search Engine Optimization: on-site and off-site optimization. On-site optimization refers to changes you make to your website (for example, adding structured markup or heading tags). Off-site optimization refers to link building—getting other people to link to your website from theirs.
Yes! SEO is very complicated and requires a lot of expertise. You shouldn’t try to do it yourself; instead, hire an expert who can do it for you. We analyze your website and identify areas for improvement, then create a plan based on those findings. After that, we implement the plan by making changes to your website (on-site) and getting other people to link to it (off-site).
You can usually see results in 3-6 months if you have a great SEO partner. However, certain industries that use highly competitive keywords may take as long as a year to gain traction. Keep going! Your results will begin to snowball once you get started.

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WP Web Coders is an SEO Agency. We are Paid, Search Experts. Our goal and purpose are to help businesses improve their online presence through search and social media. It will allow them to attract new customers and grow their brand online.