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WordPress Backup and Restore Services

Amazon S3 and 1-click restoration are the best ways to manage cloud backups of core files, databases, and other data.
WP Web Coders is your expert for WordPress backup and restoration services. It is essential to have a team that can quickly respond in an emergency to help you restore your site. All plans include daily backups and 24-hour monitoring.
Although it may sound alarming, data loss can be a serious threat. Your website can be destroyed by human error, malicious attacks, or natural disasters. How can you avoid this doomsday scenario happening? It’s easy: Create regular WordPress backups.
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What can we do?


Complete backups, scheduled or manual, of all WordPress files, databases and core files

Set schedules

We can schedules your backup for every hours, daily, weekly or fortnightly, or monthly

WordPress backups are one of the most overlooked aspects of the platform but can save you from huge problems later on. In this respect, a backup for WordPress can both secure your daily work and protect you in the event of hacking or accidental server failure. It’s always possible to restore your site with a single click, regardless of what fate (and the internet) throws at you. What website owner wouldn’t want that peace of mind?

Why Backups Are Important

Your WordPress site is important to you – it’s your livelihood, passion, blood, sweat and tears. So what would happen if it all disappeared in the blink of an eye?
We have seen this time and time again with many companies where hackers stole their data because they did not maintain adequate backups or had no idea where their files were stored! WP Web Coders can help make sure that your business’s digital assets are secure by ensuring regular backing up – we’ll even do it automatically!

Speed optimization

Our speed engineers will make your website load in less than 2 seconds. They test your site and analyze all metrics to increase site speed.

Unlimited 24/7 website edits

Sign up for a monthly WP Web Coders Care Plan for unlimited website editing. Unlike other companies, there is no limit on the number of tickets or time that can be used.

Complete security management

With our proprietary security configurations, we make sure that your website is as secure as possible.

Updates to plugin, theme and core files

To ensure that your WordPress maintenance services run smoothly, your plugins, themes and core files will be updated weekly and included within Weekly Reports.

Backups of core files and databases

We can take real-time external backups for your website on our Amazon S3 server (and have 1-click restore capability if required)

Peace of mind

Our support team is experienced and understands the importance of regular WordPress backups. They take the time to make a complete backup before they start any work on your site. Don't worry about it. We are here for you.

Selecting a Backup Solution That Meets Your Needs

Your WordPress site is important, so you must have a reliable backup solution if something goes wrong. But with so many recourses, how do you know which one is right for you? That’s where WP Web Coders comes in. We provide professional WordPress backup services for clients worldwide and are ready to provide your site with the best protection against hackers and other disasters.

Why should you choose us?

Websites are the backbone of every company. They are the facade of your business and need to be backed up with a WordPress backup service from Web Coders.
Web Coders has been in the business of providing WordPress backup services for over ten years now. We have provided their services to over 100,000 websites all around the world.

WP Web Coders have your back when it comes to backups. We offer cloud backup, which stores your data in the most cost-effective way possible. Data is stored offsite and then transferred to onsite storage if the first is full or inaccessible.

The backup service includes weekly and monthly offsite backups with a total recovery time of about one hour if something goes wrong.

Additionally, we offer restoration services from backup, data migration from your old website to a new one, and management of your websites through our dashboard, where you can manage all aspects of the site's design and content without needing to know any code!

WP Web Coders also provides hosting, SSL certificates and search engine optimization (SEO), so your site will be at the top of every major search engine result page. Our crew works with you to discover solutions tailored to meet your needs and goals so that you'll never have to worry about what happens if there's an emergency again.

Backing up your WordPress site is important for keeping your data safe and secure. That’s where WP Web Coders comes in. We’re a professional backup service provider that offers easy, reliable, and affordable solutions for backing up your WordPress site.

WordPress maintenance services for sites with advanced functionality

Our premium WordPress maintenance services include optimization and support for advanced websites that feature eCommerce, membership, learning management, and other advanced integrations.
A true backup solution will back up your entire site, not just the database. This is important because it indicates you can restore your site to its entirety if something goes wrong. With plugins, you’re limited to restoring just the content of your blog posts or pages.
A true backup solution is always secure; on the other hand, with plugins, you’re relying on an external company like Dropbox or Google Drive, which could be hacked at any time. You don’t like to be hit with a ransomware attack that wipes out all of your files only to find out that none of them was backed up securely in the first place!
A true backup solution lets you encrypt everything so that no one else can access your information – even if they hack into your account. Plugins may encrypt the data before sending it to their servers, but they won’t offer end-to-end encryption.

If you're looking for a reliable WordPress backup services provider, look no further than WP Web Coders. Our team of experts will ensure your site is backed up and running smoothly, so you can focus on what's important - running your business.

I have used WP Web Coders in the past, and they are amazing. I was in a bind with my WordPress website, and they were able to come in, assess the situation, and get it back up & running within an hour. They are reliable, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help with their WordPress site.

I've been using WP Web Coders for a few months now, and they have been nothing but professional. They are invariably available when I need them and never let me down. My site was compromised last week, and they were able to restore it in less than 24 hours! I highly recommend them to anyone who needs their WordPress site backed up or restored..

No one ever thinks their website will be hacked or taken down, but it always happens.

Wp Web Coders offer both manual and automatic backups, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs. Plus, we offer 24/7 support in case you need us.