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Get support from a 24/7 team to solve all your WordPress problems.
Our Engineers are some of the most talented developers in WordPress. All of our expertise and experience are available for you through our leading suite of website services.
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Support options are available for sites that use custom themes, plugins, or functionalities.

You can get tailored support for sites with custom-built themes, plugins or other custom functionality in addition to all our premium WordPress maintenance services.

No Stress Updates

You don't need to read horror stories about plugin updates long to realize that an untested update could cause serious damage to your site. Our WordPress website maintenance plan will eliminate any plugin, theme, or WordPress core update headaches.

24/7 Monitoring of Custom Codes

Custom sites come with an added level of complexity. Our custom site monitoring tools are available 24/7 for any critical issues or breaks in your WordPress environment.

Monitors are available in real time.

Are you concerned that your site may not be accessible to your users? Hosting is responsible for your site's availability and may also be responsible for it. We'll alert you immediately if any problems arise!

Monthly Assistance Call

WP Web Coder will be there to aid you every step of your way. You will be allotted a dedicated Client Service Manager. They will work with a WordPress expert to assist you with website changes.

Standard hosting engagement

Our websites are hosted, managed, and provided with SSL certificates. We update WordPress to the latest stable and recommended versions and back up all websites on our infrastructure.

Security Scans

Our WordPress website maintenance packages will alert you about any security concerns detected in our regular malware scanner. We will also run a preventive security fix-up on your website to address any obvious concerns.

Why Choose WP Web Coders, WordPress Website Maintenance Company

WordPress Maintenance services provide the tools and techniques needed to make WordPress site monitoring as easy as possible. A WordPress Website Maintenance Strategy is a plan that protects your website and runs all the necessary plugins. WP Web Coders can help you achieve optimal WordPress performance. They also offer reliable services that will work for your business. WP Web Coders’ expert team has the hands-on experience and know-how to maintain WordPress.
wordpress maintenance services

How we work to make your website and market it


We start by designing a site with WordPress. This includes the design of the layout, colours, fonts, and other design elements.


We then develop a site with WordPress by installing themes and plugins to create a professional-looking website.


We help maintain your website by providing ongoing support and updates to keep it running smoothly.


We provide training on WordPress so that you can manage your site in the future without needing help from us. We help market your business by getting it in front of the right people.


Each WordPress website requires constant attention to ensure it works as it should. Your site may become slow, unresponsive, or even more vulnerable to malware or hackers. WP Web Coders WordPress maintenance will protect you from any eventuality.
We’ll work together to solve it. While we do our finest to ensure that plugins, themes and WordPress core software are compatible, sometimes unexpected results can cause things to break. We’ll spend as much time fixing the problem as possible if an update causes it to fail. If the plugin or theme is not working properly on your site after an update, we will roll back the update and give you a suggestion for how to fix it.
WP Web Coders offer a full refund within 30 days of buying one of our plans. We will refund 100% of your money if you are unsatisfied with our service during the trial period. You can cancel your maintenance plan at any time after the trial period. Monthly subscriptions are not eligible for pro-rated refunds. We will give you a whole refund if you cancel your annual subscription after paying for it.
Yes. Because we are experts in WordPress maintenance and development, we can do it all. We are experts in customizing WordPress themes and building WordPress plugins. Our service can be viewed in detail.
We offer many maintenance plans to help you maintain your website. The estimated time taken to resolve the problem and the future maintenance requirements can be used as a basis for choosing a package.

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