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Our WordPress security services are backed by a 100% success rate. We specialize in securing WordPress websites against hackers, malware, spammers, and blacklists.
Our security specialists can evaluate and solve all DNS issues, WHOIS and SSL, FTP and Malware, Spam, and other issues.
A reliable and 24/7 working WordPress support team is only a click away. We provide constant security updates and audits to ensure your website is always up-to-date, clean, optimized, and ready for your customers.
Protect yourself from hackers with our WordPress security services. Our team constantly checks your WordPress site on both the server side and remotely to ensure you are safe from any threats on the internet.
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Explore Our WordPress Security Services

Let us make your business secure so it can perform well.

Login Page Security

An optional custom login page can make it harder for unscrupulous actors to find it, adding another layer of protection to your business.

Malware Removal

Malware security scans to keep your website safe. WP Web Coders performs regular malware WordPress security scans so you can rest easy knowing your site is protected 24/7 against any threats.

Regular updates keep your site secured.

We protect WordPress sites from hackers and data breaches so you can focus on running your business. Regular backups to the cloud keep your data safe and enable worry-free site security maintenance.

SSL Certification

Keep your customers safe and give them peace of mind by ensuring your website is SSL certified. It protects server-client communication and allows customers to easily feel secure knowing their sensitive data is being well taken care of.

Regular Monitoring

You should always protect your website from security issues! With our WordPress Security Services, we provide 24/7 monitoring so your website can continue running smoothly for both you and your customers.

Security and Database Protection

Protect your WordPress site from vulnerability with our database protection service. Our security experts will design a comprehensive plan tailored specifically to your needs.

Plugin, Theme and Audit Report Analysis

Protect your WordPress site with our security audit service. Receive an automated report on all plugins and themes installed on your site, ensuring they are up to date and secure.

Our Comprehensive WordPress Security Audit Services

Stuck somewhere or have any security issue?
We offer a complete WordPress security audit toolkit for safeguarding your website. Make sure your site is safe & secure from hackers or malicious attacks with our WordPress security services.

URL for Custom Login

We can change the URL of your WordPress dashboard login URL to /yourself-URL if you wish. This will prevent hackers and bots from finding your login page.

Manage Inactive Plugins

Plugins that aren't up-to-date can be backdoors, even if disabled. We will review which plugins you use regularly and remove any that you don't use.

Block fake Google crawlers

Malicious code can mimic real Google bots to fool security systems. Our protection system can tell the difference and won't allow them to crawl your site.

2-Factor Authentication

We'll add 2FA to your WordPress dashboard. You will need to receive a code on your mobile device to log in.

DNS Change Alerts

Every day, we scan your website for DNS changes. We monitor your website for any DNS changes that may occur. This could cause website downtime.

Common Mistakes that Make Your WordPress Website Easily Catch Threats

Keep your website protected from malware and hackers. Protect yourself against cyber threats with a WordPress Security Package from our team of experts today.
Avoid doing these mistakes to ensure you’re not compromising the security of your WordPress Website

Outdated Themes and Plugins: Don’t let outdated themes and plugins affect your WordPress security. We make sure you’re up-to-date and do not lack any advanced features.

Credit Card Skimming: Get our WordPress Security Services to ensure you avoid Credit Card Skimming hacks on your site.
Malicious phishing scams: Protect yourself against malware, phishing scams, and other threats without breaking a sweat. Use our WordPress Security Services today.
Unauthorized Logins:WordPress Security Services protects your website against cyber threats, safeguarding your business from unauthorized logins.
Supply chains attacks: Don’t let hackers steal your website’s data—boost site security with WordPress security services from leading experts that provide best practices 24/7/365.
Your site may be down or not functioning properly. This can cause you to lose time & money. You must immediately take action if you suspect your site has been compromised or is spreading viruses among visitors. This will prevent further damage and add costs. We will ensure that your website and data are secure.
Our security services can monitor and prevent malicious attacks against your website. The Perform Plan also includes complete Malware Removal if your site has been infected.

Some of our Beautiful and Secured WordPress Websites

Securing your website is our top priority and making a beautiful layout is our passion.

Website Security That Keeps You In Control

We offer comprehensive WordPress security services for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. This service will protect your website against malware, spyware, and hackers. If you want your visitors to have a seamless, uninterrupted experience, protecting your WordPress web pages from malware and interference is essential.

Experts at WP Web Coders will help you choose the right plugin for your company. We offer code audits, speed optimization, WordPress malware removal, and other WordPress security services.

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Protect your website from security threats. We offer customized solutions to safeguard WordPress websites against hacking, malware, spamming and brute force attacks.

Our team conducts a thorough security audit of all your websites, whether you manage a few personal blogs or many commercial ones. We will identify and fix any weaknesses in your defences and ensure that you remain protected in the future.

Our WordPress security experts have years of experience, so they can quickly spot any weaknesses and implement effective fixes to prevent them from happening again.

Run a secure website with WordPress Security Services from our team of experts. We monitor the security of your site and make sure it stays safe from malware, brute force attacks, and other hacking threats.

We offer customized solutions.

Secure your WordPress website today. We offer customized solutions designed to safeguard WordPress websites against hackers and thieves.

Your Trusted Partner

Keep your WordPress site safe with these tested plugins from WP Web Coders. We perform exhaustive tests on any plugins we use so you can rest assured your site is protected from security risks.

Website audit

Our WordPress experts perform a complete audit and proactively protect your website from hacks. We offer security solutions for every size business; all backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Do not allow malicious hackers to saturate your website. Let us offer you the best WordPress Security Services so your business won’t compromise.


We use cloud-based technology to scan your WordPress site and protect it from attacks outside your regular hosting operations. This improves your website’s performance. WP Web Coders can also monitor, control, and filter traffic to ensure that your site is protected and prevent DDoS attacks.

Our motto is “Finding bugs where tools don’t” – constructing a solution based on the problem and business needs.

Our secured services will allow you to offer a higher value proposition for your services in an era of competition. Our security solutions can help you get more projects in your domains or create new verticals within your Security Testing organization. We can better serve the IT Industry by joining forces.

These are some simple ways to keep your WordPress website secure.

  • Strong passwords should combine letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Premium themes can be used, but ensure that there are no loopholes.
  • Install a WordPress security plug that offers all the features.
  • Once your site is live, disable file editing
  • To make sure that payments and other transactions are secure, install an SSL certificate
  • Change your default WordPress login URL.
  • Limit login attempts.
WordPress security plugins come with a price: logs, analytics and blocking all occur directly on your web server. Your site will slow down if a million bots are visiting it. WP Web Coders secures the perimeter. Our CDN will instantly improve site performance and provide industry-leading security.
Yes. Malware attacks can lead to serious business problems. However, if your website is caught by malware, FreshySites WordPress security specialists can scan it, find any malware, and remove it safely and securely. Our team can then protect your website from future attacks and secure it.

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