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Let us help optimize your website to get it liked by visitors & search engines alike. Google loves you only if everyone else loves it first!
Our security specialists can evaluate and solve all DNS issues, WHOIS and SSL, FTP and Malware, Spam, and other issues.
Bring your WordPress site up to speed with our expert WordPress speed optimization services. We guarantee better page loading times, a faster website and happier customers.
WP Web Coders have an excellent track record for getting the most out of your resources. With our team, you can enjoy several advantages, including faster loading speeds and optimized performance for site visitors.
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Services We Offer Under Our WordPress WordPress Speed Optimization

Boost site performance to reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates.
Our WordPress website optimization services can make a huge difference in the performance of your website.

Minify and combine JS and CSS

We reduce JavaScript as well as CSS files to make use of a technique of optimizing code. This decreases the dimensions of the code as well as the markup. This helps reduce load times and speeds up the speed of your site to provide a better user experience.

Server Stress Tests

Stress tests determine when the server's performance declines or goes to the point. The moment you know when your website's performance is compromised helps make sure we can identify any performance issues that could hinder the best experience for your visitors.

Image Optimization

Images make up a substantial portion of the size of your site. WordPress speed optimization incorporates lossless compression using Smush and other speed optimization strategies to decrease file size and increase page speed as well as the speed of loading.

Clean up Database

Each post, page and plugin you've installed on your website are stored inside your website's database. In time, your database could become overwhelmed with data you don't require. Cleansing the database is essential to achieve the best performance.

We use industry-leading techniques to enhance your efficiency. With our web speed optimization services, we will employ efficient strategies to provide results that are uncompromising in quality.

Our Approach for WordPress Website Speed Optimization

We’ll use our expertise and industry experience to help you build a site that looks great and loads lightning fast!
In a fast-paced world, there’s no time to wait for pages to load. Visitors and target audience expect a website to load in just a few seconds, and if it doesn’t happen – they’ll go elsewhere. Here’s how we do speed optimization.

We make your website load faster by Running an Initial Speed Test

Our WordPress speed optimization services will allow you to increase your WordPress site's speed, efficiency, and loading time. At WP Web Coders, we start by running an initial speed test and reviewing the results to identify any potential issues slowing down your website. From there, we'll examine the features you're using and identify where optimizations can be made.

In addition, we'll also run Google PageSpeed insights tests on your site to identify other problems or recommendations for how to improve the performance of your website. Sometimes, we may even recommend completely switching themes for a better user experience or installing caching plugins.

In other cases, we may recommend optimizing your database or removing unneeded or outdated plugins and widgets. We can also work to optimize image sizes, site fonts, and script performance.

Implementing the adjustments to ensure the website loads faster

When we're done, you can expect to see a dramatic improvement in your speed, an increase in your site's Google PageSpeed score, and better user engagement. Our optimization team always starts by addressing any issues causing your website to load slowly. From there, we work to optimize loading time further to improve the overall user experience and make your site easier to browse without impacting performance.

The result is a faster, better-looking site that has no issues and is easy to use. And that's what we're all about at WP Web Coders.

With our help, you can expect to see an increase in your site's speed and usability while also seeing improved search engine rankings and online presence. It takes a few hours from us to ensure your website works exactly how you want it to work.

Supervising the changes made and offering support so benefits can be utilized

Our WordPress speed optimization services are comprehensive, so you can rest assured that we'll optimize every aspect of your website. No matter how long it takes in terms of time and effort or what methods we use, we'll ensure your website runs exactly how you want it to run.

We can even provide ongoing management services to ensure your site runs at peak efficiency. By outsourcing optimization and maintenance to us, you'll be able to free up time to concentrate on other departments of your business while we work behind the scenes.

We'll handle all aspects of optimization quickly, from ensuring your website has no bugs to working on long-term features that will help your site load faster in future months.

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We know that speed matters on the web. With over 2,000 successful WordPress site optimization services completed worldwide, we’re equipped to ensure your site performs at its best. Explore our work

Our Process of WordPress Speed Optimization Services

Speed up your WordPress site with a WordPress speed optimization service from our team of WordPress developers.
Find out how we can improve your WordPress site performance.

We do a complete analysis of your WordPress website and will share it with you. It will include recommendations for improvement.

We'll help you choose the right pricing plan based on your budget and our findings. Each plan has its advantages.

After discussing the requirements and selecting the plan, we will appoint a WordPress developer to optimize your site.

Once we finish your WordPress performance optimization, we will share the improvement reports that reflect data from your website's poplar speed analysis tools pages.

Why you need WordPress Performance Optimization Services?

We at WP Web Coders understand the value of time, which is why we offer the highest quality web page performance to reduce load times and boost the impact of your digital content. Working with WP Web Coders will get you the most innovative strategies from a company that utilizes innovative solutions to solve the challenges of digital life.

Our simple procedure for optimizing page speed services could comprise many steps to assist your website in making the right impression on visitors and boosting your company’s image online.

More conversions translate to more sales. If your site uses WordPress optimization techniques for page speed, it will make transactions online faster, and your customers will return to your company due to its ease of use.

Let WP Web Coders handle all of your website optimization needs.

We offer custom development and optimization services designed specifically for WordPress sites.
Find out how we can improve your WordPress site performance.

We’ll ensure your site is faster than ever, so people will stay on your site and convert!

WP Web Coders has a team of skilled developers and professionals with a wide range of skills at the highest level, and we are capable of handling any task you may assign to us.

This is why we promise our clients at least 90% results in Google PageSpeed Insights and the speed of loading a page of fewer than 2 seconds in GTMetrix.


The speed of your website is crucial in establishing trust between your visitors and those who search. To provide your target audience with the best experience possible and get their attention, you must ensure that your site can load fast. From the perspective of search engines, speedier websites can aid in making your website more prominent in the results of a search.
We generally require 2 to 4 working days to improve your website’s performance after receiving your order. Sometimes, this could be longer since it is contingent on the current schedule of work. When the speed Optimization process is completed, We will send our report with details of the work completed.

Winning the Trust of Customers with Fast Loading Website

Increasing performance is our speciality!

We offer WordPress speed optimization services that could assist your website in reaching its maximum performance potential.
We are experts at WordPress site speed optimization. Our team at WP Web Coders will make sure you not only rank higher on Google search but improve UX as well!

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